Track becomes unplayable after scrolling back and forth using jogwheel

I tried playing a couple of songs using the new DDJ-SB3 I bought a few days ago. However I have a problem where the song suddenly stuck at a portion of the track when scrolling using the jogwheel on either one of the deck, there will be like 4 seconds of the track and that is the only part you are able to scroll and play on the deck. Whenever I tried refreshing or replacing the track (or pressing the play/pause button), the deck literally becomes unplayable with infinite loading screen. The other deck is unaffected, plays normally but when I do the same thing as I did on the previous deck, that kind of problem will occur. Thus, the only solution is to restart the application. Are there any mappings or settings that I missed out on the configuration or this is actually a common problem? The audio format that I am using is in FLAC.

What I have already done to investigate the problem:

  • Trying on another device using the same software = Same problem as above
  • Trying to scroll using my mouse instead of jogwheel = Same problem as above
  • Trying another software to see if it is indeed a hardware problem = No issues at all

In conclusion, I think the software is bugged. Thank you.