Track Highlight Not Working Consistently

I’ve noticed that the track highlight feature that allows you to filter by key or bpm and easily identify good matches for the next song to play doesn’t work consistenly. As you can see, Todo De Ti is playing however the blue highlighted track is instead the track loaded in Deck 2…

Has anyone else experienced this and or knows a fix for it?


Hi, yes, it’s happened to me as well, but I found a simple way to get it working……

Looking at your picture, you’ve still got the crossfader in the centre position, so the system hasn’t figured out you’ve swapped decks and is still matching to what it thinks is ‘live’.

The easiest way to get the Match feature working is to make sure you’ve moved the crossfader all the way over to the active track and it should then match to that track.

Seems to be the best way I’ve found of guaranteeing that the Match will always pick up on the currently playing track anyway.

Give it a go.


thank you so much! that was the trick!

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No problem. Glad it’s working for you.


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