Track missing cue points when loaded from "My Collection"

I have a curious case of a few tracks where my version of them in “My Collection” is missing cue points but they do show up when I load them via “Music”. In the screenshot below, you can see that basically no metadata is applied to the track loaded from “My Collection”, on Deck 2. Any pointers as to what I can do to fix that?

Hi @djjoejoe,

That is definitely curious. :eyes: It would be really helpful if you could share 2-3 song files that you’re using in djay when this issue occurs. This will allow our team to try to reproduce the issue in order to investigate it further. Just drop the files here, and please let me know when you’ve done so.

Thanks in advance for the additional information!

Hey Emily, I’ve just uploaded three tracks where this happens:

Yaba Buluku (feat. Preck & Nelson Tivane).m4a
XO Tour Life (HH Dirty Mixshow).mp3

I want to add that I sometimes have issues with iCloud Sync: I sometimes add cue points on very bad internet on the subway (my phone shows Edge but most connections get dropped so I’m not reliable online). When I get back home, some of the tracks I changed do not have cue points transferred on other systems. While this is not directly related, it might still be relevant so I’m adding it here.

Hi @djjoejoe,

Thanks for uploading the tracks. We’re looking into why this might be happening, and I’ll keep you updated when I have more news.

As for the 2nd issue you’ve described with iCloud Sync not always transferring cue points, is this between an iOS device (when you’re on the subway) and a Mac then? And can you please confirm that the iCloud sync state in the djay app shows as active on both devices? You can find this in the “Advanced” settings in djay. Could you also confirm if the syncing of cue points works as expected other than the particular situation you described for when you are on very bad internet? Thanks in advance for the additional information.

It‘s mostly on the Mac side that iCloud syncing is erratic. iCloud status is active on all devices. Everything else works, the issue is limited to the weird behavior between „My Collection“ and „Music“, I just wanted to give additional context. :slight_smile: