Track not available for streaming

Hi! Any idea why it says track not available for streaming when streaming through tidal?

I get that occasionally as well and used to get that with Spotify (when it worked with Djay)
I think it’s region specific

Yeah, it’s the same regional “issue” what you can encounter in youtube
“this track/video is not available in your region”.

There should not be a difference when playing with Tidal app or djpro though.

Ah okay! Seems to happen at random and for each track I play after that or go away after a minute and the track can play but just at a later time, I have a live set this Friday and so scared it will happen during then!

That shouldn’t be random thing… strange.
Be sure that you are only logged to tidal with djpro during live sets.

Shutdown / logout every other tidal client on every other device.

And yes, wi-fi / phone network can go down, so always should have plan B.

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I didn’t even think of that!! That’s so smart right now I have tidal running through the web page do you think it would be good if I logged it out and closed completely or opened it as an app on my computer?

It’s better to log out from all other clients, just to be sure that djPro is the only app which connects to Tidal services.

When ever you launch and login to tidal… it will think like
“Hey, this user is logged with app1, is this user gonna change his player to this new app2”
… and then
“I lost connection to app1, let’s set the active app to be app2”
=> and you’ve lost connection in djpro

:laughing: :laughing:

You’re the best! Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll try it today :pray:t3: