Track Stops and only plays when you place finger on platter...

Scenario… load a track, manually cue said track, set the cue point and hit play, off the track will play… putting my finger on the top of the jog wheel STOPS the track from playing and it will not restart no matter what buttons I press, it will only play if you hold your finger on the top of the jog wheel… this is random on either deck… loading the same track back will play but moving the jog wheel to cue or try to scratch will stop the track (as an aside spinning the jog wheel when it is playing just slows the track down)

Any solution to this yet, is ipad, idj or a numark problem… frustrated or what…

Gig this weekend and now in panic mode…


Hi Grumpy :slight_smile:

First off, I’m really sorry for the late reply. I normally get an RSS feed for all new entries and posts but somehow I only got a notifcation from your thread today.

* Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
* Which djay version are you using?
* Which firmware version is installed on your iDJ Pro?
*Also, I’m not completely sure if I understood the issue completely. Can you by any chance make a short video recording showing the issue?

Well just as an addition in case someone from algoriddim is reading these posts, ive just spent 2hours doing a complete reset of my ipad and reinstalled all my songs, guess what, same issue… its bloody frustrating, got a gig this evening and no fix… really clumsy work round is, add cue point to the beginning of all songs, load from library as needed, turn off the scratch mode, hit play and touch nothing or the song may stop and pressing play will not restart it.

I thought I’d give the Numark UK helpline a call (sat) for some advice in case its a hardware issue, but ive discovered they don’t work on a Saturday. probably the busiest day for a dj… go figure.

Got two IDJpros and they both exhibit the same problem randomly, if this is the way forward then I might jump ship and go laptop driven.

PS I see a nice banner at the top of the page saying “algoriddim employees are here to help” Really???

Grumpier Grandad

Well it’s nice to see the algoriddim support staff are here logo is more prominent than actual help tendered or even an acknowledgment to my problem I posted over 5 days ago.

shame really as when all was working it was ace, like I say I’m not totally sure its a djay2 app problem or a combination, all I know is I can’t use one device without the other and it’s impossible to use in its current condition, the hardware is just a pretty doorstop and is going up for sale with its brother asap.

How does one get a refund on the app.

Even grumpier grandad

Hi Warren! Better late than never as they say

iOS is 8.1.1
djay v 2 (red) updated today… Previous one to that when problems started.

Not sure how to tell what firmware version is on idjpro, tho the latest unit updated when I got it home. Second unit is up to date as far as I’m aware.

I’ll try and upload a vid, but basically…

Turn everything on, using left hand deck I load a track and let’s assume I have no beginning cue point set I would normally use the jog wheel to locate and press cue marker (not the hot cues) - press play and off it will go

I can then use the jog wheel and scratch back and forth while it is playing… Now… If I then press pause the track pauses, pressing play again has no effect, the only way to get it to play is touch the jog wheel with your fingers and the track plays - (like the play/pause is now controlled by touch).

This can happen on either side and on both my units…

That’s makes me suspect either the iOS 8.1.1 or the djay app, this is a recent problem the older of the two units was fine for about two weeks, it freaked out two days before a gig, I bought the newer unit so I didn’t let my client down, only to find that the newest one was doing it as well, at least if I can solve it I have a buyer for the other idjpro…

Hope that helps warren…

Ps… To get thru the gig I had to turn off the “scratch” button and just use load and press play as I never knew if it would freak…