Track volume is way too loud with external mixer

Using Mac OSX and the Xone 96 mixer, the channel volumes/output are WAY too loud. So much so that I have to turn the channel volumes on the mixer down over 3 quarters of the way, which at that point, adjustment is way too fine to balance tracks well.

Either that or I have to use the channel output volumes in each channel of the DJ Pro AI, which totally defeats the purpose of having it on external.

One thing I have to say is for external mode, it would be far better if we could have only Neural Mix and to bypass everything else(EQ any audio processing internally etc.) , and having a +/- DB setting for the decks to make this really pro user friendly. The best thing in my mind is a clean audio chain.

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Yes I am having the same issue with the X:one 43c. There needs to be an option to adjust the level of the gain before it outputs to the external mixer. It is much too loud. Only workaround has been to use internal mixer, crossfader to the left and headphone to the other channel, to use the headphone as the second deck channel and adjusting the levels for headphones and master…

Is this forum not being monitored at all? Why is this volume issue still there for as long as the external mixer mode exists. External Mixer mode is currently UNUSABLE!!

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Oh yeah, I can’t use that that way at all. In Traktor, there is a headroom selection, reducing up to I believe 9db or something like that. That would be invaluable here, or as you mentioned, a way for us to tune it ourselves before going out through the soundcard on the mixer(or any soundcard for that matter) Hoping to hear something on this soon!

Hi guys,

Thanks for posting about this in our Community. Our apologies for the delayed response.
Our team is looking into this issue, we kindly ask for your patience while we work on possible solutions to your problem. Thank you for your understanding.

We’ll keep you guys posted here with any new information about this.

Cheers, G

This has been fixed in the latest update, headroom has been added :sunny: Thanks so much Guillermo, this update is pure fire!!


So epic, thank you all for listening to us on this! Much needed fix! Can’t wait to get home to try!

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