Track wave form preview not showing - DJ Pro AI on Mac

When I open DJ Pro AI and load my first song, the wave form preview bar displays as expected. When I load a song in another deck the wave form preview stays blank - if I load another song on the same deck as I loaded the first song, the wave form preview of the first song still remains. The main scrolling wave forms do appear for each song that is load and are coloured - suggesting that DJ has processed them. Any ideas? Using Mac Air with m1 chip.

I had exactly the same issue on my iMac. I have no idea why and just as suddenly as it came, 3 weeks later it went away again.

Do you run on multiple monitors ? I had DJay Pro 2 running on my external monitor and it went away after I disconnected the monitor and rebooted whilst rebuilding my desk. After shutting down again and reconnecting the monitors, on the next use of DJay Pro 2 it was normal again. I had an open ticket with support it was ticket number 137531. Most likely the same bug.

No just on the laptop - thanks will reference your ticket as your screenshot is exactly the issue I’m facing. Thanks

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