Tracking Songs in Recorded Mixes

Would love to track / review all tracks that have been used in recorded mixes.

Basic is seeing what two songs were used in a a saved recording of those two songs later.

Better is being able to see all songs used regardless of how many subsequent mixes. So mixing a new track with a previously recorded mix could show you all songs used.

Best is knowing what parts of what songs are being used in the mix.

Ideal is being able to go back in recorded mixes and readjust the original tracks.

Hi @afexder

Thank you for getting in touch. At the moment our My Library History tracks all tracks that are being loaded in a session.

Your suggestions sound nice but note that the Ideal suggestion would imply that you rather have a mixing tool. We see recordings as a live recorded audio stream.

Still it would be very nice to have other users share their thoughts on the topic and their suggestion for recording tracklist management.

Totally agree, that’s getting into mixing program territory. I find myself with a lot of mixes that I like in djay, however, so it’s something I would find useful but I’d be curious others thoughts as well.

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