Tracklisting for recorded set

Does djay (for Mac specifically) have any ability to record a tracklisting (Artist and track title) when you record a set? I have passed some recorded sets on to friends and they have asked what a particular track is but I can’t remember (alcohol does funny things to your brain!)…

If this isn’t currently available, is it something you may looking to include in a future update?

Hi Andy,

djay for Mac keeps a history of songs you used in a session. You can export the history as pdf or even as an iTunes playlist.

Sorry, no. At the moment, djay clears the history as soon as you quit the app.

why are the tracks saved in the horrible format they are? Nothing worse than having my full song history for a set and then having to go back into to the set list and look up the full names of tracks and edit out the numbering and time’s on the saved copied Djay version of the saved list. Any way to make the history setlist save the entire song name vs cutting off the longer ones? Thanks


Hi Warren

Thanks for this - I can see that you can do this under ‘File / Save song history’ (to answer Choci Roc’s question) but is it possible to do this for a set i recorded previously and have since closed djay down?



Can this behaviour be changed in a future update?

Maybe have it as a tickable option in preferences ‘Always save tracklisting for recorded sets’



Hi Guys

Do I have to post this request in the ‘ideas’ section to get it considered for a future update?

where does it keep them and how does one export it?

How do you do this with the iPad2 version?