Tracks completely dissapearring?

Hey! Seemingly out of nowhere, it seems like every single track I had in my library is completely gone. The folder names are still there, but every individual track is gone, with the exception being the few songs I purchased in the last few days. Anything I had in my library before last week is gone. The files are still on my computer, but the option to upload them is greyed out. Anyone know what is happening?

Hi Elias,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We are sorry to hear that.

Could you share the library source from your tracks?

Library source is simply a folder from my desktop. I’m on MacOS Catalina btw. Folders are still on DJayPro2, but are simply empty. Trying to re-upload them, but the files are unselectable. Screenshot below:

Uninstalled and apparently upgraded to djaypro AI. Which is great! But now all my files are still gone and wont show up. A few weeks ago in an unrelated situation I did install bootcamp for mac, and then uninstall it. Is that maybe an issue?

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