Tracks cutting out mid way through

I have experienced an issue whilst using v4.0.1 on my iPad Pro (4th Gen) where more than 1 track cut out and stopped playing mid-track. I have heard anecdotally that other users have experienced this whilst using streaming services also.


Was this with your music or music streamed from Tidal, Beatsource, etc…?

Exactly the same issue here, ipad Gen 4, playing tracks on Beatport and the waveform disappears along with the audio. Only an issue after the latest update.

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My issue was with my music via a USB

+1 on this. V4.01 on IOS 15.5 iPad Pro - Beatport songs stop randomly, no waveform showing, and lots of app crashes. Works fine with local tracks from iTunes library.

Bumping this issue. Streaming problems are rampant right now and in my opinion Algoriddim should not be advertising streaming compatibility when it’s in this terrible state.

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Same problem here with Beatport. It’s unusable. I find that if I load one track, it plays fine until I load a second track on the other turntable to cue up and then track one stops playing and the waveform disappears.

I emailed customer support and they simply said it was a problem they were aware of and are working on.

In the meantime, I’ve switched to Serato.

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Agreed, big problem right now that needs resolving ASAP.

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I also face this issue, but with Tidal. I have the highest quality plan so not sure if the tracks have too much data to stream and it just doesn’t load in time or what? I don’t have the issue with local tracks or beatsource. But beatsource is lower quality than my Tidal streams

For Tidal, it sounds like for most users this is only a problem with the HiFi quality. Try reducing your quality to normal and see if that helps. At least temporarily until Algoriddim releases a fix.

Exactly my point, I personally couldn’t tell the difference between the High setting and HiFi setting in sound quality, I did notice that the HiFi setting took much longer to load…
I own my own music so I don’t rely on Tidal besides the occasional request that I don’t have, but preferred Spotify anyway.

I’ve been DJing gigs almost entirely with streaming services in DJay for at least 4 years now. First I used SoundCloud and Spotify then switched to Tidal when the support was dropped. Recently I ditched Tidal for Beatport Link and the offline locker capability. Although since 4.0 I’m regretting that decision. Prior to this I purchased all of my tracks, but honestly I prefer the flexibility of streaming services and playing genres that I wouldn’t normally have in my collection. Over the years I have had a few scary situations where tracks weren’t loading in time or where I lost wifi and cell service, but for the most part it has worked flawlessly until recently. For me a streaming service with an offline locker is the ideal solution. I just wish Beatport had more competitive pricing or Tidal and SoundCloud would hurry up and add offline lockers.

As for the audio quality settings in Tidal, the other thing to consider when switch between audio qualities in DJay is that your beatgrids and saved cue points may shift slightly. I noticed this with every single track in my collection in Tidal when changing the quality settlings so it’s something to keep an eye out for.

Hi guys. Experienced the exact same problem with streaming services. reducing the quality fixes the issue for now.

There is no changing of quality with Beatsource. Once the issue starts, it will load about 20 seconds of each song. This just repeats after closing down and restarting app. iPhone 13ProMax iOS 15.5. Ver 4.01.

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If you have a Beatport Link Pro subscription, you can try adding the tracks to the offline locker. However, be warned that this may cause djay to crash. This is the case for me, but not for everyone so you might be one of the lucky ones.

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For me, I have low quality and it continues with crashes. Reinstall app don’t solve the problems :sleepy:

Offline locker is not a good idea. Djay for iPadOS , iOS 15.5 and macOS crashed :sleepy:

In my case the problem occurs with iTunes music sync and from streaming or when I analyze tracks from Tidal.
Beatport/beatsource and SoundCloud hangs the when streaming from that sources

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Oh wow! :open_mouth: Sounds like you’ve got it worse than anyone else I’ve read on here. Do you have an iOS or macOS backup that you can recover from? I’ve used this many times in the past to go back to an earlier version of djay.

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In my case I have a backup in my personal Mac , and I restored the iPad with the previous version, and inow t’s working with version 3.x as before the upgrade. :sweat_smile:

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