Tracks fail to load from iTunes playlists if the tracks have moved on disk (Djay Pro 2 on Mac)

Tracks are failing to load for iTunes playlists if the tracks have ever moved to a new location *after* viewing them inside of Djay Pro (Mac), v2.0.10.

Steps to repro:

  1. Ensure iTunes is set to *not* copy files to its own library when adding tracks. i.e. iTunes will only use a track where it lives on disk, rather than copying it to iTunes’ own folders.
  2. Add tracks to an iTunes playlist
  3. Open Djay
  4. Open the iTunes playlist in Djay
  5. Move the tracks to a different folder on disk
  6. Create a new iTunes playlist with the tracks, now that they live in a different folder on disk
  7. Restart Djay
  8. Open the new iTunes playlist inside of Djay

After step #8, the tracks are now unavailable in Djay. Cover art no longer shows up, and attempts to play the tracks results in this error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -54.)

iTunes can play the tracks just fine. I can also find the very same tracks inside of Djay using the file browser, and those work fine. It’s only when looking at the iTunes playlist inside of Djay where I hit this issue.

My guess is that this is related to…, where Djay is remembering info about local tracks and never updating the tags or location on disk. Djay seems to take a snapshot of your files even if you don’t move them into a Djay playlist, and this snapshot isn’t getting updated.

I’m happy to provide a video demonstrating the issue, if it helps.