Tracks Going Off Beat Grid


I use djay pro 2 on my MacBook and I have never had any issues with the software until I started learning how to mix by ear as opposed to mixing by visually seeing the beat grid and making adjustments without hearing the incoming track. I now mix using the vinyl feature which allows me to mix and not be tempted to look at my screen and to depend on my hearing to beat match. However, I have noticed that every time I mix I m always finding myself having to adjust the jogwheel even though I have perfectly beat matched the tracks. I know that is not due to a problem with the actual bpm of the tracks as I have double checked to make sure tracks I play are the correct bpm and if they are not then I adjust them and still have the same issue. To further prove my point, I record my mixes with my phone using an irig and when I watch it back I find that I am always having to touch the jogwheel and move it to the right for example numerous times as the two tracks gradually start to clang. If I notice it during my mixes, I will turn vinyl mode off and see that the beat grid is ever so slightly going off the lines and increasing gradually over time. It is not a groundbreaking bug but even just slightly going off the lines can have a big impact on transitions and mixes etc. I do not have this issue using cdj’s or other software but it seems to me this is a bug only in djay. If anyone has experienced this or knows a solution then feel free to let me know but this has been really bugging me for a while and I would love to get it solved. (This has happened on nearly every version of djay that I have had so it doesn’t seem to have been fixed as of yet). Thank you.

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