tracks load to wrong deck

Since I updated to V4, I have a problem loading tracks using a Reloop Mixon 4 controller. Basically, both load buttons on the controller (load deck1, load deck2) will load tracks on the same deck. Sometimes both load to deck1, others to deck2. I’ve made sure multiple times that the mapping is correct. This happens only after I loaded the first two tracks (one on each deck). It doesn’t happen when loading the first song on each deck. I’m using an iPad Pro (M1 cpu).

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This also happens with the Rane One and iPad but only if using the Search function and trying to load a track, but strangely only when using the iPad in Vertical mode…

Have you got the setting protect active deck on?

yes, it’s on. warning still pops up if about to load on active deck. at first, i thought the warning might be the bug, and i went through with it. i ruined that set…

I do as well,
Are you using mac, windows or iOS?

macOS. I haven’t checked wether this bug is also present on my MBP.

Then it sounds like a bug for the devs

Hi @egalar,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our Development Team is aware of this bug and I’ll keep this thread updated as soon as a fix is made. Thanks in advance for your patience!