Tracks not syncing as expected when using Neural Mix

Interesting, I’m on iPad Pro. Doesn’t crash but when I mute vocals using Neural (mapped to a pad on SX2) after a second or two the track with Neural applied to it goes out of time by a beat or so.

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Happens to me too… I"m considering switching to an ipad pro…

I have the same problem on iPad Air 4 and MacBook Air M1. The track jumps out of time by about half a beat when using Neural Mix EQ controls. This doesn’t happen every time, but it is quite repeatable on both iOS and MacOS. It’s very annoying.

Ok, it’s a regular problem for me to the point I don’t really use Neural because of it. I’ll set up a new bug post with a video of it happening.

I have also reported this to Algoriddim support and sent them a video of it happening.

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In my experience, this only happens once per Song, always the first time I use Neural Mix. The tip is to apply Neural Mix once shortly right after you loaded the song so that it is „ready“ when you want to use it live.


I’ve noticed the same thing and this has also been my work around. Load the new track with the line fader down, apply Neural Mix a few times until the track jumps out of time, beat match again then mix it in using Neural Mix.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback about this. Our team has been notified about your feedback and is looking into how we might improve the behavior noted here on first use of Neural Mix with a track.

As others have suggested here already (shout out to @djjoejoe and @Slak_Jaw), a workaround to this is to have Neural Mix activated prior to mixing to assist with the initial activation behavior. Another option is to activate the Neural Mix waveforms (2- or 3-track) in which case Neural Mix is always running.

Please continue to share any feedback you have about using these workarounds or about the behavior noted here and we’ll keep you updated as well.

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