Tracks show timestamps as 00:00

Device model: iPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen
Version of operating system iPadOS 17.4.1
Version of djay: 5.1.7

I’m trying to figure out how to obtain the original timestamps for my tracks located in My Files. After moving around tracks into different folders, I notice that some tracks, if not most, will display a 00:00 timestamp within the library even after importing over to My Collection. I tried analyzing and loading a track on a deck that has this problem with no avail. Am I missing something?

Hi @DJ_Norm, sounds like you’ve already tried some of my recommended steps. Please close djay and follow the procedure linked below to perform a Forced Restart of your iOS device:

  1. iPhone: Force restart iPhone - Apple Support
  2. iPad: Force restart iPad - Apple Support

I’m actually experiencing this as well. I’m running a 7th gen M4 iPad Pro 11in base model with iOS 17.5.1. Newly imported tracks are showing 00:00 even after analyzing. Not sure if the problem is on the iOS side or the application side.

I’d don’t believe my files are corrupted as they load properly in other DJ software.

I’ll try the recommended steps.

Thanks for the info @DJ_Opus. I’ve passed this onto the engineering team to see if they can replicate this on their end. I’ll report back when I have news. Thanks!

I did the force restart and noticed the results are still the same. Although, if I load one of the tracks on a deck then press play or hit a hot cue, then the timestamp in the library will correctly display the right time. Only problem is, I have hundreds of songs with 00:00 in the library, which would be time consuming.

Here’s some more information… (with more succinct language)

I’m adding 2000+ tracks to playlists via an external SSD (Samsung T7). These tracks are being added using the “select all” feature from the Files directory accessed within dJay Pro AI. Not all of the tracks are listed with the 00:00 length, some are actually added correctly with the proper info.

I believe the issue is related to the number of tracks being added at one time combined with the speed of the SSD or how the data is read into the application. Perhaps the write to the song database gets interrupted by another file read or there is some sort of race condition between threads… etc etc etc techno babble… lol This doesn’t happen for smaller bulk files like 50 songs for example. (vs 1000-2000)

I have been able to resolve the issue by re-adding the affected files in smaller batches (<500). djay recognizes them as duplicates and I select “skip”. …and then they seem to resolve the timestamp correctly…

Hope this helps.


Yes, I can attest to this as well. I am also using the Samsung T7 SSD. I have a few folders with less than 500 tracks and those folders seem to have the proper timestamps. I can see how it’s bigger bulk folders that take a while to load.

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Thanks for the additional info @DJ_Norm and @DJ_Opus. I have passed this onto the engineering team.