Tracks skip a half a beat when pressing Sync button.

Please help. I have used Djay 2 for a long time, and I’m not sure if it’s because of an update bug or not, but now, when I press “Sync” on my second track to start blending it into the previous track, the track skips a half a beat before starting in as normal. What is going on here? This is really unnerving, and I need a fix badly! My show is next week!

This is the single biggest reason I am still using Djay NOT Djay pro. So frustrating…wish they would correct this! Otherwise I LOVE pro–but still did not use it.

I am not sure if we are all talking about the same issue. My issue is when you press “sync” on DJay, the program attempts to RE-SYNC the songs. When you try to sync on Pro, it turns sync ON & OFF.
I am rarely able to sync on Pro like I can on DJAY. I think Pro has sync issues in general and we are all talking about the different ways it is affecting us.
Hope this helps.

This problem doesn’t not exist for me in Djay 2, but it does in Djay Pro. If this is the new intended behaviour of the sync feature, it’s not a good one. I need to be able to sync tracks quickly, not by manually lining things up.

However, there is a FAR larger problem at hand. Even if you were to fix the sync issue, I would have to manually line up songs anyways, because the audio analysis algorithm is broken! While many of my cue points from DJay 2 carry over, there are quite a few that randomly don’t. The reason? The track’s waveform has changed for no reason! I’ve got a track that’s reading 106bpm that is without a doubt 160/80. Attempting to manually correct this with the manual bpm setting is impossible. Further, manually changing the grid makes it worse. There is no way to get the song to match how it is in Djay 2. Without these features in place, the entire app is pointless! How can you mix tracks when you don’t even have a grid to go off of and bpm means nothing?

If these aren’t fixed asap I’m going to want a refund because like come on, how did this make it to release?

Hi guys,

thank you for your feedbacks, i forwarded this to our development section.
Meanwhile could you try this workaround:

  1. Stop the track and press “Sync”
  2. Start the track manually at the right time
  3. Occasionally use the sync another time, but please make sure the downbeats (via “Set Grid”) are set right

I hope this helps to explain things.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,


can you please contact our support via and send them the sound files you are talking about. That would help us a lot in order to reproduce your problem.
Thank you for pointing that out.

Lukas E.

Did you ever sort out what was going on here? I have just started using Djay2 and noticed that tracks don’t start on set cue points when hitting sync

Nope. On both accounts. They never started on my set cue points either, LOL. I quit using this crap as a DJ platform and switched to Serato. Problem solved!