Tracks skipping repeatedly - after playing normal for a while (on Windows from Spotify)

Running DJ Pro for WIndows v. 1.0.27467.0
Windows 10 - build 1809
Running on laptop with 32 GB Ram, Intel i5 processor
Playing from Spotify account.

When playing from Spotify in DJ Pro, after about an hour of playing perfectly fine (using Automix) all of a sudden, all songs begin repeatedly skipping throughout the entire song - (almost sounds like buffering, very short but very often skips) .

  • changing songs does not help
  • These are songs that have played successfully like this before - no issues with Spotify integration.
  • Switch to regular Spotify, and it plays fine - not a network issue.
  • a close of the program and restart cleared the issue for a short time - a couple minutes at most.
  • rebooted the computer - cleared the issue for maybe 15 minutes.
  • no performance issues seen on the laptop (cpu, memory, disk all looked fine)

But unfortunately the time that it begins seems to be random, so it’s hard to duplicate the exact same circumstances.

no it is present on all sources

I have been playing from it all week with no problem preparing for a job tonight, so i was hopeful it was a fluke.

but tonight (at the job of course) it started doing it on the very first track… grr

But i was able to narrow down to one specific thing… it only happens when I am playing to bluetooth speakers.
But i know it is not the bluetooth itself, because other programs play over them fine.
I switched over to laptop speakers and it was fine, back to bluetooth and does it again.

even switched to my backup PC (another Windows 10 PC) to all the same parameters and same results all around…

Hi sparkle263,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear that you are facing this skipping issue.

It would be of big interest, if this behaviour is only present when you are playing Spotify tracks.

Can you please check if the problem also occurs when you are usign e.g. iTunes tracks?

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Sparkle,

I am sorry to hear that.

Which other programs did you try? Could you try out the setup with a song from iTunes in djay and the same song directly in iTunes?