Tracks stopping even after they look fully loaded

Hello everyone!
I’m having some trouble with the Spotify function. The problem first happened once every 100 tracks, but tonight it happened 3 times and it’s time to say no more.

I’m playing tracks from spotify and they fully load (according to the visual wave). When i play the track it works great but after about a minute it stops. When it stop there is no wave left after where it stops and it doesnt wind forwards using the platter.

This is obviously a huge deal. I hope someone can help.

Im using
Macbook Pro
Djay 2.0.10

Hi Richard,

We are very sorry to hear that.

It would be very nice to have a video of the issue, if the problem is reproducible after several tries.

You can send us the video via

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the video.

Our agents will look into it and reply via mail.

Lukas E.

This has been happening far too often over here as well. Stability should be one of your major concerns at this point imho.
Imagine when talking to peers who ask about what software one is using and the reply is ‘I’m using this awesome software called dj pro. It’s wonderful except for that it’s unreliable and crashes during my live sets.’ Guess which part the potentially interested customer takes away from that statement? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

If there’s any part of this you want me to expand on or explain more I can do that because the video is just going to highlight what I just said. I will send a video too asap.

I’m going to try and explain again to help progress the fix.

-I load a track.
-The track loads and the waveform shows in fully loaded.
-I play the track.
-The track stops and everything left from the waveform that is to still play just vanishes.

This is everything a video will show you. I will send asap, but if you have any ideas of what this is, please let me know.

Thank you

I’ve sent a video. Thank you.

You’re right. Like I get that things get bugs, but support got back to me and says it’s my internet connection My problem with that is that it shows its fully loaded and it’s not! So the track just suddenly stops! To me that’s a bug. It all feels unprofessional.

Hey guys, it’d be great to hear back on this after I went to the effort to sending you a video.
Thank you

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Experiencing exactly the same issue. It used to be very sporadic. Last night happened 4 times. The venue got a bad review over public media because of this… :frowning: