Tracktor Kontrol S3 No Headphone Cue (Mac)

Since the latest big update, I am getting no audio through my headphone cue. I recently was able to get the “cue” button to light up, however still nothing through the headphones. Can anyone direct me to where I can get some help on this?

Hi @johnsiemays,

  1. In djay Pro, please go to Settings>MIDI Devices>MIDI DEVICES>Traktor Kontrol S3
  2. Once in the MIDI Learn window, please press the Headphone Cue button on your controller and take a screenshot of what you see here.

In addition to that,

  1. Please go to Settings>Audio Devices and take a screenshot of this menu and share it here as well.


Hi @johnsiemays, I’m following up on my questions from 2 weeks ago. Thanks.

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