Tracktor s3 kontrol mapping

Did I read somewhere that DJ made it to assign FX buttons with the s3 kontrol or have they made it so already ?
If this has happened, how do you assign the FX buttons on DJ with the s3 kontrol?
I was able to assign the filter knob to the instrumental filter which is really cool, but I would love to assign my FX buttons to fx functions, then I would be complete

Hey @JMAC361 - Thanks for your post!

We have not mapped the FX buttons to anything in djay. They are mappable buttons, so you could map them to a function in djay just as you would map any other button.

The question is: how specifically do you want these FX buttons mapped? Depending on what you are trying to do, it is most likely not possible to do what you are looking to do. But I could be wrong, which is why I’m asking.

If it’s not possible, it’s always great to gather feedback from you so we can consider the request for future developments.

Looking forward to hearing back :slight_smile: