Traktor Audio 2 doesn't work anymore all of a sudden (djay Pro 1.4.5)

Hi guys,
my interface NI Traktor Audio 2 doesn’t work anymore: sound is only coming out of the headphone channel - main doesn’t do anything. I already tried all settings, but it didn’t help. Strange, since I used it for years. Do you have any idea? Are there new drivers for Audio 2?
(I work with MacBook Pro, Catalina, djay Pro 1.4.5)

Thx a lot!

Hi @anne_senkel,

Thanks for posting for the first time to the community!

A probable reason as to why this issue is occurring is due to the fact that djay Pro v1.4.5 is not officially supported on any version of macOS past v10.14 Mojave. In some cases this will cause unexpected behavior between the program and your computer.

Did you recently change or update any settings on your computer than you think may be causing this issue?