Traktor Audio 2 doesn't work anymore all of a sudden (djay Pro 1.4.5)

Hi guys,
my interface NI Traktor Audio 2 doesn’t work anymore: sound is only coming out of the headphone channel - main doesn’t do anything. I already tried all settings, but it didn’t help. Strange, since I used it for years. Do you have any idea? Are there new drivers for Audio 2?
(I work with MacBook Pro, Catalina, djay Pro 1.4.5)

Thx a lot!

Hi @anne_senkel,

Thanks for posting for the first time to the community!

A probable reason as to why this issue is occurring is due to the fact that djay Pro v1.4.5 is not officially supported on any version of macOS past v10.14 Mojave. In some cases this will cause unexpected behavior between the program and your computer.

Did you recently change or update any settings on your computer than you think may be causing this issue?

I have the same problem on the iPad (iPad pro 2021 via USB-C interface). Only the headphone jack works even thought the setup on dJay says it is using both:

Figured it out.

Long story short: The Tracktor Audio 2 mk2 IS a 4-channel soundcard and works with the iPhone & iPad as such. What I missed is that channels 1&2 are treated as the main stereo channels and controlled by the iPad’s hardware volume. All you need to do is raise the iPad volume to the max (say with the volume buttons) and possibly reduce it to the level you want with the Main setting within dJay. Now both the Main and Pre-Cue outputs of the Audio 2 work as expected.

One more thing: if you experience the device dropping on and off, it is because it is drawing too much power from the iPad USB-C input. To resolve this either use it via a powered USB hub or get the external power supply for the Traktor Audio 2 mk2.

This is what clued me in:

Using it on an iPad. See reply above.

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