Traktor Kontrol F1 with DJay for AI

I was able to get the MIDI Map for the F1 Traktor Controller. you need to hit Shift+Browse to go into Midi Mode. Then DJay will see it as a midi controller. Now it’s time to map it!

Did you connect the Traktor Kontrol F1 to iPad or to a computer?

The f1 dont have a build in Audio interface. So it will work only as Midi Controller.

Only as a Midi Controller and not very good one in this case. after reviewing the functions, some of the buttons are double assigned. I tried to set up the LOOP functions in it. Those are easy to trigger and the level controls. but thats all it’s really good for. And yes, you will need a computer. I haven’t tried on an IPad yet.

i have an F1, i tried to connect it to an iPad for use with Djay.
I am aware that the F1 has a midi-mode, activated bij pressing browse+shift but unfortunately it is not being detected bij DjayPro on iPad. on the other hand, the F1 is being detected bij DjayPro on a mac or PC. just not on iPad :frowning_face: my best guess is the F1 is not usb-class compliant. therefore Algoriddim cannot fix that

you are correct, it doesn’t work the same. many of the buttons are duplicated with other button in the Traktor system. It took me a while to figure it out but you’ll notice it in the mapping. However, the X1 maps sweet and use it as a mini console for travel.