Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

hello everyone, is it not possible to use this controller also on Android? Is it possible that in 2023 you need to have an Apple device to make the controller work?

The website below provides a complete list of all compatible hardware with the different OS. Scroll down to the bottom, select your OS and you will see the currently compatible hardware. In short, the S2 MK3 is currently only compatible with MacOS and iOS.

From my experience on this forum over the years, Algoriddim is much more focused on supporting Apple OS. IMO I wouldn’t hold much hope of support coming to Android or Windows anytime soon.

yes I imagined it, but given and considering what you pay, it would be nice to have more support for Windows and Android as well. Not everyone can afford to have Apple hardware.

Hey @Il_Mondo_di_Faxe ,

Thanks for posting this here in the Community.

Just wanted to confirm we’re aware and have kept track of this type of request. We are actively working on providing support for the S2 MK3 on both Windows and Android.

We’ll keep you posted with any news. Cheers!

this answer is a blatant mockery, congratulations indeed, you have lost a subscriber