Traktor Kontrol S3

Is anyone successfully using this controller with Djay on iPad?? I cannot get any recognition of the device whatsoever, scan doesn’t see it, and even with updated drivers the controller just seems dead when connected to the iPad either via iPad lead directly or usb.

Algorridum product page suggests this controller is fully compatible with Djay Pro but no luck for me unless I am missing something

Controller works fine with Traktor 2 on the iPad so it’s not a lead issue.


Thank you for getting in touch.

Is your controller set to MIDI mode?

Please follow these steps: How to Switch Your TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 to MIDI Mode – Native Instruments

Many thanks that has worked. However many of the lights on the controller do not work eg FX1 when active stays unlit yet switches the Fx off and on. Is there a way to map these? Midi out?

If not, I would question why this controller is listed as supported - as it’s not workable to have buttons that don’t show user if they are active or not

Also the inbuilt effects don’t work - I’ve mapped to the 3 available in DJay but 4th button unavailable which isn’t the case with other supported controllers eg numark platinum fx.

Any help appreciated or perhaps someone has already mapped this controller to Djay?

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I’m also wondering how to activate Shift button thru midi mapping or in the source code that we have in Midi Mappings file. If there’s a code someone can provide so that I’ll be able to play around with FX. Another problem is how to change “Selected Deck” portion. For some reason It is always selecting Deck 1 no matter what?