Traktor Kontrol Z1

Very excited about the djay2 announcement! Just out of curiosity, are you planning to add (or do you already have) support for the new Traktor Kontrol Z1? I prefer the djay app, but that hardware forces me to use the Traktor DJ app instead.

+1 looking for z1 midi support in DJAY 2

i called NI. on the mac/pc you need to load a driver to enable midi. there is no way to do this on the ios platiform. so, essentially it is locked to their software. if you really want this to work with other ios apps please contact them like i did. if enough people do this maybe they will open it up! i would appreciate if algoriddim contact NI to obtain a developer kit

NI is very strict on allowing their controllers to work with other software. Even when I had legitimate developers contact them, they don’t respond.

Yeah, I figure NI would be reluctant to allow other iOS apps to interface with their hardware, but it would be a good selling point for them. I guess it all hinges on if they’d rather push hardware sales or lock people into their app ecosystem. Fingers crossed though.


First let’s see if it’s technically and commercially possible through those three questions :

  • Anyone could make the Z1 work with other apps than Traktor DJ on iOS ? I know it does work with other apps on Mac but after testing it with DJ Player what I notice is that the audio part is recognized but it’s not detected as a MIDI device.

  • Is Algoriddim requiring hardware companies to sign a deal with them in order to support their devices ?

  • Will there ever be an utility or an app feature that let’s you manually map MIDI hardware to Djay for iOS ?

If this is possible there is virtually no reason for Algoriddim to not support it unless each of the other supported MIDI devices have a deal with Algoriddim. In that last case, you just forget it, it will never happen as NI will never want to deal with anyone else, especially if it’s competitors.

Hope I have helped.

Well, though the sound card part is working, DJ Player doesn’t seem to see any MIDI device connected. Would love to have an official answer.

In fact, DJay and Z1 could make a perfect duo!

On the other hand, I’d also love to see other MIDI products supported by Traktor DJ.

Would that app called MidiBridge sort this out?

If the device is class-compliant and is recognized by the system, then you can also use it with djay.