Traktor Library Conversion within Windows

I have just installed the test version of djay pro for win and for the first moment I am quite shocked positively… when I had the beta installed it didnt work out for me but this looks quite streamlined, so it really could be a replacement for my flawing Traktor - Thanks for all the work the devs put into this for now!

Though I wondered if I could somehow move my Traktor library within Windows? I know djcu for Mac, but whats the workflow for windows? I actually need ~10yrs+ of playlists imported and it definitely would enhance my testing

Hello @anselm welcome to the forum!

There are some other DJ Library conversion tools out there. Digital DJ Tips is a good source of information on these. Personally, I have only used DJCU and it works great if you have a Mac.

Other than the ones listed below, I think you could look at Lexicon and Rekord Buddy as well. Again I haven’t use so don’t know for sure if they will work with Traktor and djay Pro AI.

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thanks for your reply, of course I googled a bit before and Rekord Buddy does only exist as a left behind github repo, Lexicon or Mixo dont support DJay Pro Output… do you know of a way to mass-import playlists? I could export them as m3u

Use Lexicon to export to iTunes, then use your iTunes playlist in DJay.

Also, post the request in the lexicon discord. The dev has stated previously that they will add support for DJay if they get enough requests for it.


atm I can only state that the Mixo itunes xml does not work with djay pro. I’ll see if I can get another trial in Lexicon somehow, last time I tried I didnt find benefits for my usage. Thanks for the hint though.

EDIT:// The mixo free version does work, as a non iTunes user I didnt really know that importing the xml is an additional step I just overrided the original xml which didnt work. I need to see if I can cancel the Lexicon though :slight_smile:

So basically the steps:

  • Download Mixo
  • Import Traktor nml
  • Export to itunes xml
  • Open iTunes
  • Import exported xml
  • visible in djay pro
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@anselm glad you found a solution. Thanks for sharing!

Thats the least. Doesnt protect you from implementing some m3u import asap :stuck_out_tongue: iTunes & windows is not a real grateful friendship.

I am looking for a Traktor replacement for some time now and djay pro seems to be the most aspiring chance atm…

I understand @anselm. Personally I made the switch from Traktor Pro to djay Pro about 5-6 years ago after nearly a decade on Traktor. I was using a Mac though and I switched to djay Pro on an iPad so the transition was quite smooth using DJCU. Now I mainly use Beatport LINK Professional so there’s no more need for iTunes or a laptop at all.

I play too much open format as I would like to rely on official stuff, nice to hear it works for you though :slight_smile:

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Understood. Have you checked out Beatsource LINK? I haven’t used it myself, but my understanding is it has more open format music than Beatport.

It doesnt really make sense for my workflow & research. eg. I put a lot of work into tagging and structuring music to have anything at hand. Also recent tidal restrictions have been a good warning shot to rely on streaming/cloud services too much, there is always the risk of some label going bankrupt and suddenly the whole library is punctured. Nothing saver than my own drives with a good backup routine.

These services work for plenty of people yet I still order cds occasionally (and vinyl, but thats more of a style factor) because I want to have stuff that is not available somewhere else

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