Traktor S4 Mapping

Hey everybody

Do any of you have a custom mapping made for the Traktor S4 (MK1) ?

Can you please share? I have googled but to no result.

Thanks A lot

We do not have a mapping for your NI Traktor Kontrol S4. But if you need help mapping it yourself, just let us know and contact us via email: support(at)

Here are some instructions on the Midi Learn feature:…

About the S4: Please make sure you’re running the latest Driver for the controller:…

Also, you need to switch the controller into Midi mode, in order to be able to manually map it:…

There is a way to do that. I have quite a few controllers mapped but the S4 is not one of them. S8, X1, F1 yes and they will be similar (especially the S8) but NOT exact.

I say go for it. Even when it comes to factory mappings there is always something I want to see changed. If I hear anything I’ll let you know. I am trying to get them to involve Djay Pro (and Serato) more over at DJTechTools so hopefully the mappings will be more abundant.

@ Adrian is there a specific area on the forums where we can share user generated mappings?

Which mapping are you looking for? Best bet is always to get official mapping so I’d keep requesting but with how quick and easy it is to map a device there is no reason why it shouldn’t be done in the meantime.

Well keep in mind that mappings are device specific so that wouldn’t really make much sense. As mentioned previously I do not have the S4. I have the S8 and it MAY get you in the right direction but IMO (and I mean this with every part of me) you should keep going on your own. I get that you will get stumped from time to time but this is one of those things that trial and error are huge. For instance mapping the button/fader/knob is typically as easy as it gets but getting said button/fader/knob to behave/react in the manner you wish it to will not always be so simple. This is where crash n burn method comes in… just keep trying things (saving the mapping often and multiple versions in case you really mess things up LOL) until the function is obtained. Use this method button by button knob by knob and soon enough you will have your very own mapping which I personally guarantee will be more useful to you than any mapping you DL from somebody else. Another great byproduct of this is your next mapping will be MUCH easier.

Lastly knowing your limits is huge. There ARE some things that your DJ app of choice just may NOT offer no matter what you do. Sometimes it is midi lighting, sometimes it is midi out, sometimes it will be something deeper and more exclusive that we just simply do not have access to without editing .xml mapping files etc. which is very possible but will never happen if these first steps are not taken:)

If all else fails I can send you S8 mapping but like I said I doubt you will find it useful as they are so different but MAYbe useful as a template of sorts.


Okay that you don’t have it, I understand.

I was asking if there is a way to export and import mapping so that people can share their mappings.

Yehp everything works as expected, I was just wondering if there were somebody who could share since i have little time and i don’t wanna spend one of my few evenings at home mapping the whole s4.


Hi Dave, are you willing to share your mappings?

I’d love to try them all out, if only to see your workflow. I’ve been working on the S4 mapping but it’s definitely not perfect, and far from complete.