Traktor S5 MIDI-Mapping for djay PRO 2. The program recognizes the controller but I can’t identify any button.

Midi-mapping for DJAY 2 pro on traktor controller S5.

Tracktor controllers are not suportted by djay pro or djay pro 2 now the only way is to manully set the mapping on your own go to ⛭ and do a midi scan for device on djay pro ordjay pro 2 this will let you know if your controller is compatable with your app or see djay pro accessories on the settings menu…this will tell you what dj mixer controller works with mac or windows 10…tracktor controllers are more for pioneer tracktor software…yes now if you the the pioneer 900nxs or the pioneer2000nxs then you will need a hub and a DVS box for your laptop running djay pro or djay pro 2…
does not suport tracktor s5 if the djay pro algoriddem is not on the box then its not suported.