Transfer Music, Crates and Libraries Between Mac & iOS

Hey folks.

I have DJay Pro AI, the latest versions, for both MacOS and iOS. I also have Serato DJ Pro, so pretty happy that DJay Pro can read such crates and import them into the Mac app.

With all of these versions and changes, I’d like to get good directions on transferring my music, with or without beat grids, hotcues, loops, etc., from my Mac to iOS, and vice-versa. Iv’e seen different directions, so trying to get the most current.


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iTunes is the best way to sync between macOS and iOS, especially with the master library on the macOS device.

  • I know that playlists and hot cues transfer over.
  • Not sure about the beat grids, loops and analyzed data.
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I’m also looking for a way to do this. However I do’n’t use itunes / apple music. What would be amazing is if there’s a way to import all data (including beat grid info) from the mac to ios device. it would save huge amounts of time. I’ve got my fingers crossed that someone here is gonna say - “sure thats possible”

Thanks for the replies; much appreciated.

I do not use iTunes. I have in the past, and it’s caused more issues than it solves. I have a dedicated DJ folder with my music, so I do not fall into some of the trappings of iTunes dependency. I’ve done it before, and have been burned by it.

I will probably inquire via the developer of DJCU, the DJ Conversion Utility. I owned it, and I believe that its tool might have better access to DJay Pro with its new feature of being able to access Serato crates.


iCloud might be your only solution here. Just not sure about q points and grids

Not sure if you know of Mix Master G, the developer of the DJ Conversion Utility application. I have interacted with him before, and he’s really persistent when it comes to sharing knowledge and working through various DJ software/compatibility issues. I am currently watching a special video he’s created on his YouTube channel on DJay Pro, recorded last July. It’s worth watching. Really. Check it out here: Algoriddim djay Special Ask me Anything for DJs - YouTube.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the link. Just watched it. Very informative.

Glad that worked out. I think it’ll really be helpful for a lot of DJs
using the application.

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