Transfer Recordings New Itunes Update

New 12 version of itunes, i can’t find icon under the apps to find and transfer my recordings from my ipad onto my computer.

Hi Martin,

Click on your iPad symbol in the upper menu bar. Then on the left, select “Apps”. On the right, scroll all the way down to get to the File Sharing section.

Hi Martin,

Please upload screenshots of the iTunes window. Also, do you mind if we either continue here in the forum or per email (but not both)? You can choose, either way works…

I’ve tried doing that, but it doesn’t allow me to scroll down to the File Sharing section, there’s nothing there. It’s not showing up anymore with new version.

I also got your email re: itunes library and spotify, but I have it in itunes library when I record. I do record using my ipad on a Nemark DJ Pro mixer. Is that making a difference. I had no problem before the switch to the new itunes.