Transferred from Traktor, a few questions.


As the title says I’m new to Djay Pro but have been using Traktor for many years. I’m curious if you can map the VU meters on a mixer/controller to DJay Pro. I’ve managed to map pretty much everything else I need on the intuitive mapping menus (well done Algoriddim, that’s one in the eye for Traktor). I just can’t seem to find the function to map leds for the VU’s.

Also I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the beat gridding. I seem to have to reset to the first beat of the drums to get accurate numbering and I have to do this via the menus. Is there a way of mapping a button to do this when via the controller?

Anyway these are pretty minor and I’m glad I’ve taken a dive in to your software. Any help appreciated.


Oops, I also meant to ask if it’s possible to assign the looper to a deck so you have more control over the loops, eq, filter, effects etc?

I was able to to get the beat gridding sorted, not sure how I managed to miss the ‘set grid’ function in the mapping menu, but there you go.

Still unsure on how to map the VU meters though. Anyone?

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome in the community! The VU meters are not mappable via the MIDI learn feature, which controller are you using?

Hi Lukas, thanks for answering.

I’m using the Traktor S4 Mk2 controller on the new Apple Mini Mac. I am able to find the CC numbers on the Traktor Controller editor (70 on channel 1,2,3,4, if I remember correctly), but have been unable to map them.

Is there any work around?

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