Transferring Cue points between streamed and downloaded songs

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to help!

I like to start my mixes by using the TIDAL integration, so I can try creating a playlist before I purchase all of the music.

I add cue points to songs streaming from TIDAL. The cue points do not transfer to the downloaded song. Is there a way to transfer these cue points to the library version of the song?


I’ve never figured out a way to do this. If someone else has though, I would also love to know the secret.

After moving files from spotify to tidal with those transfer tools this happened:

So what this means that in Tidal there are several different copies of the file (i.e including extra “quiet” section in the start for example). So if you are doing a beatgrid for Tidal how can you be sure that you have bought the same exact file than Tidal have. And how to find the exact same file from shop like Beatport?

The other problem here is that the quality settings of the streaming track can change the beatgrid and cue point positions. For example if you have your Tidal streaming settings on Normal and set your cue points and later decide that you want to switch to High quality, the cue points and grids will shift when you reload the High quality track.

It’s funny one of my own cd rip contains 16 bar intro, but on tidal it has only 15 bar intro. So Tidal is missing whole 4 beats :stuck_out_tongue: