Transferring midi configs?

So im asking this since I couldnt find a question in regards to transferring midi configs.

Before the release of Djay Pro 5, I saved the rane ones config to a usb stick in which i transferred it to my new macbook pro m3. When i try to look up or import that file inside of midi , it doesnt show me a way to do so. Its probably something tiny i overlooked but cant find it.

Whats the right folder path on my mac where maybe i can just drop it into, any clue?

Hi @MrG, you can find this info in the article linked below. I’ve taken a screen shot for you as well.

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Thank you @Slak_Jaw !! I greatly appreciate it.

Yeah that icon is greyed out for me when the Rane One is connected so i couldnt find or load the mapping. .

You’re welcome @MrG. Glad to help.

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