transferring my account from phone to laptop

hey so i was going to buy djay pro on my iphone (since its only $6.99/month) but need it on my windows laptop but its $49.99/month. so i was wondering can i buy it on my iphone and transfer my account to my laptop after i buy it on my phone?

Nope. First of all, I’m pretty sure the Windows price is a one time affair. Old skool buy to ‘own’.

Then please keep in mind these are completely different apps with a completely different feature set.

I’d do some research in advance if I were you. Only the Mac version is (almost) identical to the iOS version. If you buy one you’ll get the other for ‘free’ too (they are unlocked / linked to your Apple account).

Right now, only the Apple app(s) are subscription based and (therefore) have a far more extensive feature set with regular updates. The other platforms are more or less frozen in time. At least, that’s how it appears from the outside.

Long story short: if you want to be up-to-date on Djay, you’ll need something Apple.


Hey @wook_jesus314 ,

Thank you for posting regarding this here in the Community.

Like @Mister_Tuur was saying, djay Pro AI for iOS and djay Pro for Windows are two separate apps created for different operating systems.

djay Pro AI for iOS is available (with the optional subscription) through the App Store, and djay Pro for Windows can be purchased through the Microsoft Store.

Hope you will find this information useful!

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