Transferring track data from djay Pro to a different computer

Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find an answer.

I’m preparing a large Spotify playlist, setting beatgrids, cuepoints and I want to transfer all setting made on my desktop to my laptop and/or the other way around.

However I can not find any reference in my Libraries. I’ve read a post stating that all this data might be automatically stored in iCloud but cue points that I ad to a track on my laptop do not appear on the same track on my desktop.

So how do I move track data from one Mac to an other for djay Pro?


nothing under: ~/Library/Application Support/
and there is no ~/Library/Containers

Hi Adrian, this answer does not appear to be right. Could you please elaborate? I’m planning on upgrading my labtop. Thanks

Allright, found it: ~/Library/Containers/com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim/

I don’t think Djay Pro creates a metafile for Spotify tracks.

This does not work… music does not play after transferring music and iTunes files to new computer.

djay Pro saves your song metadata here:
~/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim/

In order to transfer your song metadata to another mac, simply copy the “Metadata” folder.

Thanks for replying Adrian.

On both my Mac Pro and my Macbook Pro (both running Djay 1.1.3. on Yosemite 10.10.4) this folder does not exist.

Maybe I should mention that I’m using Djay only for Spotify music for the moment.

I think it does because it saves my cue points somewhere.

Just for a test I added a cue point to a track in my iTunes library but that also did not create ~/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim/