Transient Detection and Beatgrid. Make it tweak-able?

First of all, the software is working like a charm. Im not into the “mainstream” design and would prefer a more simpler and cleaner approach but it does the job and its maybe better to sell in the end. Spotify Integration is topnotch!

The Problem 1: The Beatgrid gives me headaches sometimes. I know how to beatmatch but i also like to lay out a beatgrid on top of my loved (and hard to match) tracks. The thing is, the beatgrid seems to snap only in on automatically found transients (i think) and some transients are not found correctly or some tracks don ́t have very clear transient points. (so its not always the softwares fault).

So on some tracks its impossible to match the start of beatgrid on the first note of an bar (first beat). It snaps in before or after the correct position (because of false recognized transients or so). And there ́s no “manual” way of position the grid correctly.

Problem 2: It seems the beatgrid correct itself as time of the track goes by. This makes sense as some tracks don ́t have a “computerized” timecode or change in tempo. But if the transients are deteced wrong, everything falls apart and there ́s no possibility to tweak it.

Apart from the problems, the detection works very well in most of the tracks (techno with clear bassdrums etc) and not so well on tracks where i NEED the beatgrid because they are hard to mix (glitch hop or drum and bass dubstep or complex breaks). This goes back to years of djing software or beat detection software or dj mixers with bpm counters. So this was expected for me before the buy.

Don ́t know if that IS a problem, but its throwing me out all the time because the rest ist working so well. So maybe give us a option to tweak the grid. Make it hidden for the mainstream users or something if you will, but make it tweak-able or something. I think of something like ableton live ́s beatgrid, where you can throw in multiple “first beat” markers on a track without depending on detected transients.

thx for reading

Great feedback! We’ll be sure to look into this.

Great idea!
I’d also like to have some kind of a flexible beatgrid.
Something like Robert said, I also think throwing in some “first beat” markers might be the best idea like Serato, Ableton and all the others do…