Transition between songs of different BPM / echo freeze?

I’m a longtime music lover who has recently gotten into DJing. I have been creating playlists for ecstatic dance events (freeform movement, usually with a ritual/spiritual bent) and I want to start to create more intricate mixes rather than just use Spotify on crossfade. Hence, DJay!

Because of the nature of my work, I need to start with a slow BPM and gradually build to a frenzied peak, then come back down again.

Is there any way with DJay to smooth out transitions between songs of different BPM? I know with Traktor and other DJ programs, you can do echo freezes and such, but I haven’t been able to find if that’s a functionality for DJay as well.

I apologize if this question has been asked a million times - I couldn’t find what I was looking for via search.


Hi there,

thank you very much for this idea. I forwarded this to our development section and we will contact you if there are news about the echo freeze.

Lukas E.

Yeah echo freeze is great

Any news on adding echo freeze to Djay?

Would love this feature!

Any updates?

It’s not quite echo “freeze”, but on DJay Pro you can create an “echo outro” effect. Hit the FX button, and you’ll see effects like flanger, phaser, etc. One of the choices is Echo. There are three choices for each effect - Pad, Instant, and Manual. I use the Echo + Pad for this. Hold your finger anywhere on the quadrant pad, and you’ll hear various echo effects. Keep pressing on echo and then at the same time hit the arrow “play” button. This stops the track, but there is a fade out effect that happens. It doesn’t fade out for more than a few seconds, so that’s the relative downside vs. something like Tractor, but it does give you a decent transition effect.

not yet

This was a Year ago. Using the Echo effect to transition is very important. @Lukas E, any news on a software update with Echo? Thanks.

Agreed, would LOVE and echo out fx

any updates?

an “echo out” fx would be great

Come on guys we need this effect !

Still waiting.! any news on adding echo freeze…in SERATO i think is ((Combo echo))

@djay pro where can I get the delayed echo