Trigger points to correspond with cue points.

It would be nice if you could set trigger points. Similar to a cue point but instead of the DJ hitting a button to go to a cue point when the song reaches the trigger point it jumps to its corresponding cue point. Red triggers jump to red cue. Green triggers jump to green cue etc… This could allow some pre programming and even a complex loop if one desired.

If you implement this as “Macro CUE” you can do the same thing but is way more flexible.

You can set a CUE that trigger one or more commands stored under Keyboard Buttons or MIDI Buttons.

e. g. If track reach the “Macro CUE” then it trigger a Key “Jump to CUE5”

With this you can trigger one or more MIDI commands

Apple ITunes and Virtual DJ support Apple Script. You can do a lot with it but it is very time consuming to learn and develop scripts.

Macros with Macro Recorder much simpler and more user will use it because no programming skills are required. Like Excel in the early days.


  • Macro CUE trigger a Macro when music hit a Macro CUE
  • Start/End Points of Fader and Knobs trigger a Macro
  • Buttons trigger a Macro
  • Time trigger a Macro
  • Volume (e.g. > 80 db) trigger a macro
  • Intensity of a frequence trigger a macro (Maybe it is possible the recognize a Intrument with this method?)


  • If Deck A of Deck B playing
  • FX on or of
  • Loop on or of


  • Store Numbers and Text in Variables and use Variables as conditions


  • A Button should be a able to hit a other button with a macro.

Messages for Users


If you are interested in al my ideas please tell me.

Thank you for sharing this idea with us! I’ll pass this to our team!

Not sure if this idea was digested or understood. It would be nice to essentially preprogram skip points in songs with out actually rerecording a new version. If I wanted to skip to the yellow hot cue I would put in a yellow trigger. When the song hits this point it would automatically jump to the yellow hot cue. Maybe there is another way to do the same thing but I am not aware of it.

I think they have been quite responsive. I also get that they are running a business and cannot implement every option anyone suggests. I think If I want something like this I would have to float the idea and get others to say “ya, I would use that.” If you think it would be cool please hit like. Maybe if a few others do it could get some traction.

I guess it is just the programming background in me that would like to see a tool set that I could treat music like a script. So I could have trigger points and even loop counters. So it could say after you have hit this point x number of times then do this. You could essentially preprogram a whole bunch of stuff that in advance. Someone has got to be doing this already. I suppose if I did not have a day job I would write it.

So someone want to prove DJStub wrong here. Any response on the ability to set a red skip point that skips to the red cue and so forth. MY vision would be you could say like red2 and it would go to the red cue point twice and then be ignored. red by itself would go there an infinite number of times It would essentially be a loop.

This allows me to do advanced loops and even auto skip portions of a song if I want. It would allow me to create a stinger or my version of the song in advance without re-recording the song.

The ultimate would be to have counters and state and function requests. I am kind of imagining almost a scripted computer language. Currently in midi there is no way to request a state of something. But I do like the macro approach.

I do like your macro idea. I can even imagine an option where you could “record” a session (but not the song itself) just all the inputs.

Whatever it is macro or otherwise the meta data probably xml needs to get stored with the cue data.

I guess I was just thinking baby steps first. Once the light went on in peoples heads to the possibilities I think the natural progression would be more advanced stuff.

Hi daniel … I think your idea is great … But i have to bring you some bad news … The guys at Algoriddm will say they are looking into something then just ignore it … Dont wait for this update. Sorry about that.