Trigger Saved Reloop Not Working Properly


when i have saved loops 1-8, and i trigger a reloop on one of them, it seems to be off by minus one the first time i trigger it. so if i trigger 2, it reloops #1 (although it will actually loop #2 once it gets to that section of the track). I’ve attached a screen recording showing this, triggering 1 / 2 / 3 and you’ll see the behavior

is anyone experiencing this issue? it’s turning out to be a huge issue. To recreate:

  • set up saved loops one through 8
  • use the “saved loop reloop X” trigger (can recreate issue in either midi control or directly though interface)
  • most of the time (not all…) it will trigger the start of loop X minus 1, although the loop is actually still set to X
    (NOTE - triggering loop 1 always works, because there is no X minus 1)


one thing i forgot: from some testing, it appears that quitting and relaunching the app temporarily fixes the issue, but quickly starts happening again within minutes

Hey @curly_frighz ,

Thanks for reporting your most recent experience with this issue and for providing useful related details.

Before I get to look into this with the help of our Testing Team, to see if we can reproduce the issue on our end, could you please confirm the following information:

  • The iOS device(s) you have experienced this with
  • The iOS version of the device(s)
  • The version number of your djay app
  • Any other detail which you believe would help during the investigation

I’ll be on the lookout for your next reply. Cheers!