Trim Songs in Spotify?

Is there a way for me to trim songs (alter starting and ending time) within a Spotify playlist, then save these new, trimmed songs for later use? Some of these songs have insane intro/outros which do not work with flow.

What version DJay and platform do you have? It preserves them for me. I am on DJay Pro for MAC v 1.2.1.

Just add cue points for intro/outro and it will save to the song for later use.

They work for me. You are setting actual cue points (colored set of 8) and not just the temporary cue point (white) correct?

And they are not saving for you? As in if you create cue points then load up again they will no longer be there?

How do you get the into/outro cue points to save? I add them but hen going through the playlist as a whole they are ignored.

Yup - that’s correct.