Trying hard to be a fan

Dear Algoriddim,

Please help me … I am desperately trying to be a fan of djay pro … But you are making it quite hard for me.

I think the concept is awesome

  • spotify integration
  • clean smart interface
  • icloud links it to the ipad app

Truly brilliant if it wasn’t for the fact that it doesn’t work very well

  • we cannot use spotify offline despite the premium subscription
  • the music playback is unreliable, stops or jumps suddenly
  • the icloud linking is unreliable, fx cannot be shared across devices and cue points are regularly lost

I accept that you started later than Traktor and Serato and thats why I wait patiently for each sofwtare update hoping you will have solved at least some of the problems.

But after the last updates I get the impression you are focussing less on getting the software to work but you are adding more and more natively supported controllers to try to sell more software.

Please hear the voices of your supporters … We are trying to help you not criticise you … We want you to succeed but you need get this software working properly before adding any new controllers or functions.

Seriously, you are comparing this to Serato? Have you seen their user forums? They are lighting up with crashes!

I use DJay Pro EVERY weekend at my weddings. I have ZERO issues.

Have you contacted support DIRECTLY with your problem? They are actually VERY fast in their responses.

While I do agree with you that the updates are not fixing lagging issues, you have to understand that to put a controller in an update is easy, so why not.

And, if you would do your homework you would realize that SPOTIFY is the one that limits offline files, not DJay Pro. I have never had a song jump or skip, so you need to contact support about that one.

Too late… Game over for DJay Pro IMO.
Serato will have offline access with version 1.9 using Pulselocker and streaming to boot.
Allgoriddim has HORRIBLE customer response and interaction with their base. A German thing? (Think VW diesel deception and coverup)
DJ Stub, Spotify will not allow offline with DJay Pro because of royalty issues.
I don’t have the issues you do with the unreliability, stops or jumps.