Trying To Map A Vestax Typhoon Controller to Djay for Mac!

Connect the Vestax Typhoon controller to my Macbook Pro via the USB port. Open up Djay for Mac. Go to the MIDI pull down menu - see the Typhoon Controller listed in the first menu entry with: configure typhoon controller - click on that, which opens the midi configuration box - I see typhoon controller in the MIDi configuration list - open the Advanced control options ( as suggested in previous posts/questions) the MIDI out box can’t be checked as it’s not highlighted, click the done button - and zero interface! Need some direction, suggestions, advice. Does the Vestax Typhoon controller actually work with Djay for Mac?

Hi Brendan,

Did you map the buttons/ctrls? Try the following:

  • push a button on your controller
  • select a corresponding action from the drop-down menu

What is your Devices setup (djay -> Preferences -> Devices)?

Hi Warren,

Many thanks - that helped…have been busily mapping out all the buttons and faders…which mainly correspond - don’t seem to get any response when I turn the main output knob (doesn’t trigger anything in the pull down menu) - now have a bizarre problem that all my files when loaded in their respective turntables are horribly, digitally distorted as I play them. Do you have any idea what’s causing this?
Thought i 'd sorted out my problem with this controller!

Thanks Brendan