Tune music to 432 hz

I find that when the music I play in djay for iPad is tuned to A=432hz (which I do by bringing the speed down to -1.8%), it sounds better and lifts my mood. It’s true; just ask me.

Unfortunately, there is no way to keep the tuning while using automix. I can’t lock the speed sliders to -1.8%, and I can’t lock the pitch of the decks to values rather than keys; I can’t even tune the pitch in cents. I want to be able to set the speed to -1.8% on both decks and keep that speed through more than two songs.

I demand no skepticism on this thread!

Please implement this very soon. Please. Please.

Matt can you email me? I want to ask you a question. Thx Wirelessdj at gmail dot com


I had the same problem with djay. You should try Neutron music player. Although it is not a DJ app, it maintains the pitch/speed control and offers many more accommodations to its customers.

Hi Matthew,

I’m so sorry, but it is not possible to lock the Pitch faders. 
Hope you can get along anyway…

Another Use case: not all songs are tuned to 440Hz, so fine tuning pitch is very important for me.