Turn off Spotify Integration

Is it possible or can you potentially add to a list of enhancements, the ability to disable the use of Spotify please?

Personally I don’t want to pay for Spotify as it has very few tunes that I want, plus not having the ability to record mixes when using Spotify is a shame, even if I am not promoting/uploading a certain mix, I still like to listen back so I can notice any mistakes or think of improvements to my technique. Therefore Spotify is not something I could take advantage of.

Having to select my Library preference each time I open the App is annoying and feels like I’m having it rammed down my throat.
I think Spotify is a great addition if you are a pop/teen/wedding disco Djay but a lot of us using the App are not.



You should only be asked which library you want the first few times you open the library.

Which djay version are you using? Do you still get the pop up menu when you open the library?

Does it happen every time you open the library or every time you open the library for the first time after starting the app?

Do you have an iPad or an iPhone? Is it by any chance jailbroken?

OK thanks, we’ll look into this.

keep it on iTunes (red color), it will default to iTunes, don’t choose Spotify, done !!!
next time you open app, it’s on iTunes…

I’m using Version 2.5.2 and using the red (night time) theme.
I have opened the app 10 times this morning and each time it displays the library selection.
I had to delete and reinstall over the weekend, as I was also noticing issues with auto-gain. (that was on another post).

It happens every time I open library for the first time starting the app, but also when I have the app open and when I return to my home screen and then back to DJay again.
It’s an iPad, it is not Jailbroken.
I haven’t checked it on my iPad.