Turning Key Lock OFF for Automix

I’d like to be able to toggle the pitch correction off for automix. Seems like I have to do that manually for each track. I’d like to have it of to maintain the original pitch of the track and not stretch it to key. Thanks/ Jacob

Hi @Kushman,

This can be done by turning Key Lock OFF in the UI. When the musical note is white, Key Lock is OFF.

I know I had to turn them off every time a new track loaded from the auto mix cue. Has this been fixed lately? Does it remember this setting per track or is this toggled per deck?

Hi @Kushman,

  1. I tested it on my iPad with the latest version of djay Pro and it seems to be working fine.
  2. Did you turn OFF Key Lock on both decks?
  3. What OS are you using and what version of djay Pro are you using?

As you can see here both are turned off. When making the transition to the next track, “sync” is turned on and key lock is activated despite initially being off. This also seem to happen randomly so it makes me believe I’m doing something wrong.

I’d like the sync to be active but not key lock. Would be nice if this could be toggled globally.

Version 5.0.4. mac m1 pro Sonoma 14.3

Thanks for the additional information and screen shots @Kushman. I’ve reported it to the engineering team to see what they think. I’ll report back when I have more info.

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Hi @Kushman, I spoke with engineering and this is intentional behavior to ensure the best sounding Automix. Key Lock will remain OFF as long as the % absolute change is key is less than 5%. If it’s over 5% Key Lock will engage automatically.

Hi im Darren,

Engineering are wrong. Sorry guys.
I have been using your app since its birth. Djing since 1991.
A DJ needs the choice of pitch. If its forced it’s destructive to the mix.
With the app predominantly being used for electronic dance music, keeping the restrictions of key lock on after 5% is useless. When we mix tracks in techno, trance, hardcore, house etc. we often purposely choose tracks to pitch up. When im playing hardcore trance/techno sets EVERYTHING is pitched up. Automix in its current form is only good for tracks with almost the same tempo. Pretty bad for an app that has been in design for this many years.
Please go back to engineering and tell them that the ‘DJ’s’ that use their ‘DJay’ App for DJ Automix’s are less than happy after asking for this for 9 years or more. I just purchased pro in the illusion that it was implemented across the app only to find automix still not working properly. Ill be getting a refund and probably find an alternative soon. Its too disheartening everytime i use it.
Sincerely hoping for a change,

Hi @DJ_Cham I’m not sure the engineering team are responsible here? But you’re right in the sense that this seems to have been raised many times and for some reason nothing is done about it. I think this is a problem that is worse for Algoriddim than it is for us. Since forum post don’t really go away and google is google - that means the accumulated complaints are surfacing in the top results about the software.

I was for a time under the impression djay pro was a toy brand with some funky features and not up to standard due to some of the complaints I’ve read - which I don’t think is the case at all today. We can only do so much about business decisions, but since there are many reasons to love this software I think it’s worth nagging a little bit more :wink:

Some day my friend, some day!

hi @Slak_Jaw ,

thank you for looking in to this. This clears up the confusion about the behaviour of the key lock. I have full sympathy of why you’d solve it that way. The simplicity of just pressing autopilot and fly is obviously high priority for such feature.

Although! I understand it makes sense to have default settings that work smoothly for the majority of use-cases, but I’m not sure why this can’t just be overridden in the settings panel? Or at a playlist level or wherever.

For me the automix is not just a lazy-mans claim to fame, I use it as a creative tool to find new combinations of tracks and unexpected mixes and getting to know and sort my material. This apparently simplistic feature has so much potential, but it has to work consistently and with predictability to be useful.

I hope you’re able to raise this discussion with your team. And for anyone still unhappy with this issue, comment, vote and push it to the top!

Very best,


Thanks for your comments @DJ_Cham and @Kushman. I will forward these onto the engineering and dev teams.

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