Turntable Issues

I am currently using DJAY2 with an IPad Generation 3 and Numark IDJ Pro. Recently, I noticed that I only have one turntable showing on my IPad, or when I do have two, it is not the skin where there are two turntables with the red light, it is two plates that have the flanger, etc. options underneath. Is there a setting I need to change to get the two turntables with the red light back? Note: This only happens when my IPad is in portrait mode. I have the two turntables with the red light when it is in landscape mode. The problem is that I need it to be in portrait mode because I am using the IDJ Pro.

Please advise.

Maybe try the view button, or comination of the shift and view butten. I’m just guessing.

As we’ve discussed via Mail:
There’s a special view for the iDJ Pro. It is optimized for its usage.
Unfortunately, this view can not adopt the Red / Gold Skin.