Two DDJ-FLX4 on iPad Pro with 4 Decks


I have an iPad Pro two controllers Pioneer DDJ-FLX4.

Both Controllers are connected to the iPad. But both controllers control channel 1-2.

How can I connect the second controller to channel 3-4?

I want use both 2-channel controllers in 4-Deck-Mode.


@gordon there are no quick settings in djay Pro AI to achieve this with a 2 Deck controller.

  1. However, what you could try is to create a second MIDI Mapping for the second FLX4.
  2. MIDI Mapping in djay is pretty easy actually.
  3. Basically you’ll want to create an edit of the built-in mapping and change all of the control assignments from Deck 1/2 to Deck 3/4.
  4. So, your first FLX4 will use the built-in mapping and your second FLX4 will use your custom mapping.
  5. I recommend you MIDI map just a handful of controls first and test it out to make sure it works as you’re hoping.

Here’s a quick guide to MIDI Mapping on iOS.

Thank you, I will try it and give feedback :+1:

@gordon you’re welcome. I hope that works for you.


I have tried your suggested solution.

It’s very tricky, and it works partially.

The solution works as long as the system is turned on. When the system is turned off and on again, the settings for deck 4 are lost and go back to deck 1. I don’t know why. Deck 3 remains and works.

The second problem is that on the screen you have the order 3-1-2-4. But the order of the two FLX4 is 1-2-3-4, so you have to change all decks to have the same order as on the screen. Otherwise it comes on parties fast to confusions.

Since I’m still a beginner and don’t know exactly in which direction my experiments will go, I decided for the easiest and safest way. I will use the first FLX4 with my iPad Pro and the second FLX4 with my Macbook. So two separate systems. I connect the two LineOut to a small passive mixer. Then I have no sync function between both controllers, but that is not so important for me.

I also connect the two headset outputs via an adapter. So for now I have a simple and stable solution for 4 decks.

Maybe other DJ-Apps support two controllers better, but for me djay is the best and easiest app. And maybe it will work better in a future update ;-).

For first experiments and parties this is completely sufficient.

Thank you for your help

Have a nice day



  1. Yeah 4 Decks aren’t really meant to be controlled by two separate 2 Deck controllers so I’m not surprised it didn’t work perfectly. I think you’ll find similar challenges with any DJ software. It’s much easier if you use a single 4 Deck controller.
  2. The 2 system approach is definitely better. If you’d like to sync djay on Mac with djay running on iPad, you can use Ableton Link:

Just a quick thought: are these MIDI-Mapping files human-readable? Because if they are, then you could quickly and easily get to a 3-1-2-4 setup with two FLX4s, making the left one control deck 3 and 1 and the right one control deck 2 and 4 just by searching and replacing.

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