Two ideas to make djay even better!

I have been enjoying djay on both my iPhone and iPad, as it simply is the best way to try new things and practice on the road before arriving to a club :slight_smile: I only miss two features that I believe would be easy to implement.

The first one is bar jumping - the possibility to loop certain number of bars is great, but it would be awesome if I could skip a certain number of bars (both forward and backwards). If I wanna play a song I have never played before, I need to check how many bars before the drop hits (32, 64, or something else completely?). I am not able to figure that out on the run, and very often I need just that!

The second one is the ability to improve the beat grid, because the app isn’t perfect when it comes to determining tempo and where the beat kicks. This leads to bad transitions when on simple sync mode. And on an iPhone with just the earbuds on subway when I’m just trying new songs together, I can’t sync the songs manually.

Thanks for the continuous updates and I hope to see my desired featues in the near future! :slight_smile: