Two libraries...?

Can I use Djay with another library (i.e. different from my main itunes library). I plan to buy a macbook pro and I want to use the main Itunes library for my own personal listening, which is different to the sort of stuff I would play as a dj. I don’t want to mix the two libraries on a day to day basis…any thoughts?

Press ‘alt’ when launching iTunes and you can create and/or choose more than one library file to index your music. This will acheive what you want.

As far as I know, there is no ‘preference’ in Djay for the library location, I believe it will go to the last location iTunes was directed to by default.
Hope this helps.

I know how to choose different iTunes Libraries on my MacBook Pro the issue I have is switching libraries that DJAY accesses. Any help would be great.

So what I did was add another library to iTunes and then opened that one up with iTunes. Refreshed my library in Djay and only those songs appeared